Addise is beekeeping in Ethiopia
Addise is beekeeping in Ethiopia

Women and gender justice

The potential for lasting change lies in the hands of millions of women currently living in poverty. That's why we put women's rights at the heart of everything we do.

What we're doing

  • Iffat writing on a board

    We are helping raise women's voices and demand equality

    When all women get fair living wages, decent working conditions, and their voices heard, everyone benefits. Oxfam helps women step into leadership roles, speak out against harmful laws and policies, and stand up for their rights.

  • A woman with hygiene supplies distributed by Oxfam in Yemen

    We are supporting women and girls in emergencies

    Emergency can affect women and men in dramatically different ways. Like in refugee camps, where girls and women need lighting at night and separate toilets to stay safe, secure and healthy. Standing up for women's rights is vital for keeping everyone safe.

  • Birhan is picking fruit from a tree in Ethiopia

    We are helping women create and build sustainable businesses

    Loans, seeds, tools and training for women help whole communities grow more food and make goods that they can market themselves, and break free from poverty.

Impact stories

Changing lives, beating poverty.

Women's rights


153 countries have laws which discriminate against women economically, including 18 countries where husbands can legally prevent their wives from working.

1in every 3

Worldwide, around one third of women and girls will experience violence or abuse in their lifetime.


Nearly two thirds of the world’s 781 million illiterate adults are women, a proportion that has remained unchanged for two decades.

We save money every week, and ask if anyone needs a small business loan. We should be proud of ourselves and what we’ve achieved.”

Addise is beekeeping in Ethiopia