Modern Slavery Act statement

The UK's Modern Slavery Act 2015 requires organisations with an annual turnover of at least £36m to make a public statement on steps they are taking to identify and prevent modern slavery in their operations and supply chains.

Oxfam GB advocated for this legislation to be enacted, and these statements describe the steps taken to identify, redress and mitigate modern slavery and human trafficking in our own business and supply chain operations.

Oxfam continue to seek to collaborate with others to be as effective as we can in tackling all forms of human rights abuses including modern slavery and human trafficking. Our aim is to continuously improve our practices and impact over time.

Feminist principles

As an intersectional feminist ally, Oxfam believes in ending sexism and that women should be free of political, social, and economic oppression and exploitation. In support of this aim, our work will be guided by 11 principles.